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BBB Raceshield Winter Gloves wi. Touchscreen - Black

This could very well be your best friend on all your early Spring and Autumn rides. It’s the lightest glove in the BBB range, but the thermos fabric adds just that bit of comfort to your ride in mildly cold conditions. This addition feature touchscreen compatible thumb and index finger.

Perfect for your early morning commutes in busy city traffic.


Thermo fabric glove with water repellent windblocker back for cold but dry winter conditions. 

Thermo fabric is a high-end technical fabric which has excellent isolating, breathing and moisture transporting features. The soft brushed inside makes this fabric perfect for comfort and warmth.

Featuring an extra-long 40mm cuff and made of Trioxx fabric to provide maximum protection against the cold wind. 

Feather-light with a flat seam stitch for maximum comfort. The thumb and index finger have touch screen compatible thumb detail.